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Frequently Asked Questions

Are reservations necessary? 

Yes, we fill up often, especially in the summer and around holidays so please contact us well in advance to reserve a spot.                                                           

Is the kennel heated and air conditioned? 

Yes, we are heated for the cold winter months and have air conditioning to beat the summer heat. 

Where does my dog stay? 

Each dog has it’s own private suite that is 4'x3' or 4'x4' in which your dog will rest or sleep. The suites have a doggy door that leads into a private run that is 8' to 12' long.  Your pet can access this area throughout the day  (except in the cold months).  The boarding runs are all covered so they are out of the weather.

Does my dog play/exercise? 

Yes, at least one playtime a day is included in the boarding price. 

Do I need to bring food? 

No, we provide Bil-Jac Fresh Frozen dog food which we have used with our own dogs for 20+ years. However, if your pet is on a special diet or has a sensitive stomach, you are more than welcome to bring your own food. We need it to be put in one to two large Zip-loc bags labeled with your dog's first and last name and their serving size. Space does not allow us to accept large bags of dog food. Please bring the amount needed for the stay plus one or two days extra.  

What if my dog gets sick or hurt? 

Play time is always supervised by staff but sometimes dogs play too rough or run too hard and they may get hurt. They also could get sick. If we do determine a veterinarian is needed we will call you first but if we don't get hold of you we will act in the best interest of your dog. All fees will be passed on to the owner at pick up time. 

Do I need to bring a crate/bed? 

No, we supply clean bedding as needed. Often times dogs will mark their beds so rather then bring your own and have it get dirty we supply our own which can be changed over and laundered at any time during their stay. This policy also allows us eliminate the risk of fleas and ticks

What if my dog needs medication? 

We will follow the dog's prescription routine as instructed. 


I have 2 dogs, can they stay together? 

Yes, we have suites that are large enough to hold multiple small breed dogs, or two large breed dogs. For larger breeds or family dogs who need to be separated at rest time we have buddy runs where they can be separate but see each other via the outside run.

Are vaccinations required prior to my dog's visit?

  • Rabies

  • Distemper

  • Parvo

  • Bordetella* (*needs to be given a week in advance)

  • Negative fecal test that includes a test for giardia within the last year

  • Year round flea and tick prevention 


ALL MUST be up to date. Please consult with your vet regarding these vaccines and fecal tests. Your vet may fax the records to (508) 300-9221.


Do you have snow days? 

Daycare cancellations for snow days will go based off of the Northbridge Public schools. We keep you updated on any cancellations through Facebook.





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