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Our staff will confirm all online reservations with you by email.
Until you receive our return email, your reservation is not confirmed.

Boarding  Reservations

Returning Clients

If you are a returning customer click on the following link to complete our reservation form.

New Clients

If you are a new Clark's Dog Kennel customer and wish to make a boarding reservation please click the following link.

Daycare  Reservations

New Clients

If your dog has not gone through the enrollment process then they must fill out a request form before they can be added into our daycare program. Please click the following link to request a spot in daycare.

Grooming  Reservations

Grooming Clients

Grooming at Clark’s is so much more than just a groom! It is a special day for your dog that is all about them. Please call or text 508-377-3762 to reserve your pup's Spa Day.

More to  come


More to Come

Reservation Policies

Please take note that we do not have a receptionist.  We let all calls go to voicemail and return the calls throughout the day. E-mails get checked at the end of day. If you don’t get a reply, call and leave a message to that effect. We typically will reply within 24 hours except on Sundays and holidays. 

If you have an emergency or need to book for the next day calling us is best. We will always update the message on our answering machine if boarding is full or post on our Facebook page. We fill up quickly so please plan ahead & review our cancellation policy. Our Cancellation Policy: We require that you give us at least 72 Hour notice for non- holiday times and 14 Day notice for any times that are in high demand. That includes school vacation times, summer months & holidays​.