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Doggie Daycare

Dogs of any breed, age, size, or temperament

Evaluation Day: 

DDC Rate:





Doggie Daycare Rates:

Come Tour Our Facility!

We welcome you to come and visit our unique location. Simply call or email us for an appointment.

Drop Off & Pick Up:

Mon - Fri:

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Early Drop-Off and Pick-up can be arranged upon request

Contact Us:

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Our daycare is designed to give your dog a fun and safe environment which gives you peace of mind. Say goodbye to being cooped up at home all day. Your dog can play and exercise throughout the day in our large outside play areas, supervised by our trained staff. 

**We do currently have a waitlist for our doggie daycare program. To join our waitlist please apply below**


  • Supervised outdoor play groups 

  • Good behavior and manners encouraged with positive reinforcement 

  • Swimming in the kiddie pools 

    (During the summer months)
  • Playing Ball 

  • Lounging in the shade 

  • Safely socializing with other pups

  • Cuddling with the staff

  • Nap Time in between play sessions 

  • Treat Breaks (Please advise us of any allergies) 

  • Working on behaviors with distractions 

    • Aly offers this to dogs who need extra training during daycare 

Dogs are not normally fed during daycare visits. We do, however, give treats.

Please advise us of any allergies or dietary restrictions. We will administer medications if requested.



For Doggie Daycare we require an evaluation day. Evaluation day is $40 and it is a full day of daycare.


Your dog’s evaluation day gives us an opportunity to meet your dog, have your dog meet us, and allows him/her to check out our environment in a safe, calm, and relaxed way. They also get to meet our “pack” slowly and safely to make sure that they are comfortable and happy with the other dogs.

Evaluation day also helps us get a better feel for your dog to make sure he/she will fit in with the pack. We have a small daycare pack, which means space is limited in our program. But this allows us to learn each dog’s specific needs and personality, ultimately creating a more close knit pack. 

Just because your dog has gone to another daycare does not mean they will be a good fit with our pack. Also, just because your dog has been kicked out of another daycare doesn’t mean he or she will not fit into our daycare program here.


Puppies that start Doggie Daycare are not required to be spayed or neutered. 


Females Puppies: Cannot come to daycare once they have started their first heat cycle.

  • Once they are in heat they will need to be spayed before coming back to daycare.

  • Once they are spayed they will be re-evaluated for daycare. 


Male puppies: If they are not neutered can stay in our daycare program until we see any negative behavioral changes, in which case: 

  • You will be informed and then asked to not come back until he is neutered.

  • Once he is neutered, he will be re-evaluated for daycare.

Play  Time Information:

Our play times are always staff supervised however, dogs do play with their mouths and paws, so nicks and cuts can happen. If your dog gets hurt or sick and we determine a veterinarian is needed, we will call you first but if we don't get hold of you we will act in the best interest of your dog. All fees will be passed on to the owner at pick up time.

Vaccination Requirements:

  • Rabies

  • Distemper

  • Parvo 

  • Bordetella* (*needs to be given a week in advance and every 6 months).  

  • New clients should have a  negative fecal test that includes a test for giardia within the last year

  • Year round flea and tick prevention.    


ALL MUST be up to date or your dog will not be allowed into the kennel. 


Please consult with your vet regarding these vaccines and fecal tests. Your Vet may fax the records to (508) 809-7515.  

For All Clients to Know:

Even with a current bordetella vaccination the canine cough or canine flu can still be acquired. It's just like kids going to daycare or school; they get vaccinated but they can still they get a cold. The canine cough is an airborne virus. It exists where dogs congregate such as a kennel, at the veterinarian's and/or dog parks. Plus, there are just so many different strains and the vaccine one covers the most common. Ventilation is key. This was kept in mind when our kennel was being designed, and of course we clean daily.