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COVID-19 Response


Updated: May 18th, 2020.

drop off/Pick up Procedures for daycare and boarding:

ALL DOGS MUST BE LEASHED TO A COLLAR (No harnesses please for the short walk to and from the barn). 

Upon arrival take note of other cars who are already here to wait your turn. Please disinfect your hands and put your mask on and then bring your dog inside the white picket gate which will be marked.  A staff person will be inside to greet you. Once inside unleash your dog and we will call your dog to us and take it from there.  Please note we will also disinfect the gate and pull cord throughout the day. 


At pick up time text 508-475-9331 with your name and the dog's name. Please disinfect your hands before coming to the gate, come inside the gate to wait for us to retrieve your dog. We will let your dog run to you so you can then leash them and exit the barn. 


PARKING:  I will block the spot parking spot directly in front of the gate so people may easily enter and exit the barn.  Please maintain social distancing in line (if it’s that busy) If there is no parking space in front of the barn feel free to parallel park to one side of the driveway in front of the house or parallel park in the lower driveway in front of the barn and walk-up. 


PAYMENT:  There will be a metal milk box on a table inside the gate to place your payment in.  We ask that you pay, at the beginning of the month via cash, check, or your bank's bill pay (no credit cards) each month. If you would please place your payment in an envelope with your name and dog's name and date on it. If using your bank’s bill payer or paying by check make it payable to Beth Clark 425 School St Northbridge, MA 01534.  Any staff tips can be placed in the milk box too.  You will receive an email receipt once we process your payment.


Kindly pay the week for the remaining 2 weeks.  Any questions or concerns about this process or payments feel free to use our new email or  Beth Trifero Clark directly at   

SUMMER RESERVATIONS: We kindly ask that you please let us know of any changes in boarding reservations for this summer.  Please let us know ASAP if you need to cancel your reservation. We want to work with you but still need to operate the business effectively.  We still have boarding requests coming in. So we will still require 75% deposit for the Fourth of July by June 8th and for Labor Day by August 1st.  Please note I will make changes should to our cancellation policy should the Commonwealth make changes that impact us all.  

NEW SOFTWARE:  In the coming weeks we will be launching our new software. So stay tuned for changes that will allow you to send reservations and receive vaccine updates via email. And be patient with us :) 

Covid-19 Safeguard:  Anyone who is self-quarantining or needs to self-quarantine in the future please notify Beth the owner directly via email beth@clarksdogkennel.comI will ask that you and your dog discontinue daycare until you are cleared. Obviously it is important that no one comes to daycare or boarding if they are at risk. We want to keep everyone safe.  The staff and I maintained social and physical protocols during this break.   We want to everyone to stay healthy. Our new procedures are intended to help maintain that here at Clark's.


Thank you for sticking by us during this troubling time.  I have always wanted Clark’s to be home away from home for your dogs and to have a positive family-oriented work environment for the staff. We want to do right by you and your dogs while also keeping us all safe. Feel free to contact me with questions and concerns via email. Above all else let's all be patient and thoughtful while we all enter this new normal. 

                    We can not thank our clients enough for your words of encouragement throughout this tumultuous time.

                                                                       Please Stay Healthy & Safe.


Sincerely yours,

Beth Trifero Clark




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