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Welcome to Clark's Dog Kennel -                                                               "Sit Stay...Let's Play" 

Clark’s Dog Kennel is a family business owned by Beth Clark and located here in Northbridge Massachusetts for over 17 years. To date, Beth Clark and her son, Robert, are only the 5th family to live on the property in over 300 years.  Beth's family were farmers and she deeply appreciates the historic nature of  this 23 acre property.  She took care of the barns roof and then had sections of the barn renovated into a modern kennel.  We have 25 spacious private runs. Your dog will enjoy exercising in our 2 huge fenced in pastures or in the barn (during bad weather).

We offer doggie daycare, boarding, grooming and training to all sizes and all breeds of dogs. Beth oversees the kennel and the staff. With the support of her Manager, Aly Hearon,  they ensure that the dogs are well cared for and answer any of the owner’s questions and concerns. Aly has a unique  connection with all dogs, especially the dogs who stay with us. She is a dog whisperer and teaches the staff what to look for while out with the pack at playtime.       

The staff  work hard each day tending to the cleanliness of the kennel as well as feeding and caring for the dogs.  But playtime is what we are all about.  When the pack goes out to play its all about fun and exercise  We designed the area to be a clean, safe and secure “home away from home” for your dogs to have fun.  

Beth's former husband Bob Clark does training here too. He has  genuine commitment to educating people about the "true nature of dogs". All dogs benefit from confident caring leadership and a clearly defined pack ...your family. 

Beth and all the staff are happy to hear many customers say “I don’t know what you do but our dog just loves coming here”.  We have busy days but always welcome you to come and visit our unique location. Simply call or email us for an appointment.